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  • ACCURACY JOINT STOCK COMPANY, established in May 2005, is a company operating in the field of precision engineering.

    Facing the localization demand for spare parts of FDI enterprises, and responding to the government's policy of encouraging the development of supporting industries, ACCURACY was born and developed as a company with 100% capital in In the country, we are committed to providing the best quality, most affordable products to domestic companies and foreign partners.

    With the motto of continuous improvement to create trust and surpass customer satisfaction, ACCURACY always strives to meet the strict technical requirements, product quality as well as quantity orders. great. With advanced technology lines from Japan, Taiwan and a team of highly skilled and passionate employees, it has contributed to creating a solid foothold of ACCURACY for customers and prestige. Increasing trust in the domestic motorcycle and auto parts manufacturing industry. Regarding the capacity of machinery and equipment, please refer here

    Along with that, in order to meet the design, fabrication and repair of jig, ACCURACY has also invested heavily in purchasing the most advanced equipment such as wire cutters, CNC milling centers, and other types of processing machines to be proactive in the production process as well as troubleshoot problems as quickly as possible, meeting the schedule for customers. We are proud of having a mold unit with 15 field-experienced design staff and 150 mold assembly staff who can meet the needs of in-company production and mold supply. / price for external customers. Regarding machinery and equipment for mold making, please refer to Here

    ACCURACY always determines that quality is the survival of the business, so in addition to strict quality management and continuous improvement according to ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ACCURACY is committed to fully investing in Necessary and modern measuring device used in measuring with high accuracy, checking the suitability of the product. At all stages, ACCURACY equips employees with jig / maintenance equipment to ensure the staff self-assurance at the stage. Regarding measurement capacity, please refer to Here

    Since its establishment, the Company's leaders have actively learned Japanese styles and management methods such as 5S, TPS and applied them to the management work of the business. Along with the continuous appreciation and support from Japanese customers, experts from Japanese organizations such as JICA and JETRO, we are committed to improving to create a clean, beautiful and clean production environment. neat, safe for employees, bringing productivity and quality in production activities.

    With 10 years of establishment and development, ACCURACY has been a reliable partner of leading companies in the field of manufacturing automobiles, motorcycles, household products and supporting industries such as Honda Vietnam. , Panasonic Vietnam, Goshi Thang Long Vietnam, Nissin Brake Vietnam, ... With the customers' credit and the accumulated experience during the past journey, we are aiming to "Become Vietnam's leading supplier in the field of auxiliary mechanical industry ”.

    At ACCURACY, we always believe that creating strong values ​​is the key to successful business, implementing the business philosophy is to harmonize the interests of society, the interests of partners and the interests of company. All our efforts are for a common goal of the company, which is: Constantly adding value to customers, the community, for employees and for the company, devoting talent and heat blood for long-term sustainable development and provide products of quality assurance and friendly to environment and people.